New Yawk & Co. is a boutique lifestyle brand inspired by the energy, diverse cultures and unmatched uniqueness of the world’s most dynamic city. I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator by trade, having lived in numerous cities around the world, most of those years in NYC. I am a staunch advocate for equality, honesty and creativity. These are some of the core values at the brand’s foundation. Guided by the wisdom and experience of Rob Mercury, I strive to design and share products that empower the human spirit.


I was born in Rhode Island to parents from families deeply rooted in New York. My siblings and I grew up instinctively mimicking my mother’s syrupy Brooklyn accent. Whenever people pointed it out (which was often), I proudly associated it with my heritage. Over the years, I realized the characteristics that define our personalities, like our accent, are shaped largely by our surrounding culture. I have come to see the world as a “Collective” of individualism; something that New York has always represented. There is no other place in the world that you will see people from different social statures, cultures, races or religions coexisting side-by-side. After living in New York for 10 years, I moved to sunnier California where I found myself holding onto my identity as a New Yorker as strongly as when I lived there. New Yawk & Co. will be a way to celebrate the different cultures that shape our lives through art, language and fashion. The designs will not be solely of New York themes; over time they will include influences from other places I have visited as well as inspiration from the New Yawk & Co. community.


I want every aspect of New Yawk & Co. to be the highest quality from the product design and production to the packaging and customer service. The shirts are printed on Bella & Canvas’s 100% ring-spun cotton, a tighter, softer and more durable weave than the average cotton t-shirt. I print, package and ship every shirt to ensure that they are produced with the utmost care and craftsmanship.


From the outset, we have committed to support others in need. From basic and crucial needs like providing safe drinking water through Water.org, helping UNICEF.org save children’s lives in 190 countries, funding the ever-so important HIV Research at AIDSUnited.org and promoting human equality by supporting the LGBT community at HRC.org, we believe that every little bit will have a positive impact.


Seriously. We’re truly interested in hearing what designs you are most interested in wearing and what themes you feel are missing from our collections. Connect with us on our social channels or by emailing directly at hello@newyawk.co.


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*Photo credit: Josh Gordon